Prg 420 Week 3 Individual Assignment Personal Reflection

PRG/211 Week 1


Individual: University Project: Problem Solving with Algorithms

Includes Working Visual Logic Flowchart!

Also includes Steps (Algorithm), Pseudocode, and Visual Logic flowchart file!

During this course you will design a program for a state university. The university needs a website design that will enable students to order books online. Each week you will receive additional instructions for the elements of the design based on the needs of the university. The elements will correspond with the concepts and skills you learn that week.
According to the university's website design request, students need to order five books, one for each of the five required courses that all students take. You need to design a program that will prompt students for the price of each book and display the total cost for the five books.

Create a 1- to 1 3/4-page document listing the steps needed to solve the problem using an algorithm, including the following:
    • Identify the input needed
    • Define what the input must do (i.e., the process)
    • Show what the output must produce
Create a 1/2- to 1-page document of your pseudocode based on the algorithm, including the following:
    • Write the pseudocode statement(s) for the input
    • Write the pseudocode statement(s) for the process
    • Write the pseudocode statement(s) for the output
Create a 1-page flowchart based on the algorithm, including the following:
    • Mark the program's starting point
    • Represent the input steps in the program
    • Represent the process steps in the program
    • Represent the output steps in the program
    • Mark the program's ending point
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.



Lab 1.5:  Input, Processing, and Output

Lab 1.5 – Programming Challenge 1 – Team Average

Includes Algorithm, Pseudocode, Python Code, and Flowchart Visual Logic file!

Write the Algorithm, Pseudocode, Flowchart, and Python code for the following programming problem. Team Average  A college wants you to write a program for them that will calculate the average number of wins for their football team over the past five years.  The user of the program should be able to enter the number of wins each year.  The program will calculate the average number of wins during that five year period and display that information to the screen. 


NOTE: Discussion Questions are different depending on which Instructor you have, however the following questions have been included as a BONUS for this tutorial.

Supporting Activity:Week 1 Discussion Questions

1.  Why is a flowchart useful in developing and documenting software?

2.  Why is the interactive Visual Logic flowchart program more useful than a

      manually drawn flowchart?

3.  Is a flowchart more valuable in documenting the logic of a program than just

      the coded instructions in the programming language? Explain your answer.

4.  What are the similarities and differences between procedures and objects?

5.  What is an example of software that would be best implemented in procedural


6.  What is an example of software that would be best implemented in object-

      oriented programming?


Modify the Week Two Java™ application using Java™ NetBeans™ IDE to meet these additional and changed business requirements. Either a GUI (graphic user interface) program or non-GUI program is acceptable.

  • The company has recently changed its total annual compensation policy to improve sales.
  • A salesperson will continue to earn a fixed salary of $100,000. The current sales target for every salesperson is $120,000.
  • The sales incentive will only start when 80% of the sales target is met. The current commission is 5% of total sales.
  • If a salesperson exceeds the sales target, the commission will increase based on an acceleration factor. The acceleration factor is 1.25 which means all sales above the sales target will be earning 25% commission.
  • The application should ask the user to enter annual sales, and it should display the total annual compensation.
  • The application should also display a table of potential total annual compensation that the salesperson could have earned, in $5000 increments above the salesperson’s annual sales, until it reaches 50% above the salesperson’s annual sales.

Sample Table: Assuming a total annual sales of $100,000, the table would look like this:

Total Sales Total Compensation
100.000 Program calculated value
105.000 Program calculated value
110.000 Program calculated value
115.000 Program calculated value
120.000 Program calculated value
125.000 Program calculated value
130.000 Program calculated value
135.000 Program calculated value
140.000 Program calculated value
145.000 Program calculated value
150.000 Program calculated value

The Java™ application should also meet these technical requirements:

  • Create a NetBeans project and name it XXXIA3. XXX is your last name. It is important to use your last name so that each student’s project name is unique. When your team evaluation the members’ program, the team will know whom the program belong to. Your system can also load in multiple projects without conflicting project names. The number 3 in the file name is the academic week number.
  • The application should have at least one class, in addition to the application’s controlling class.
  • The source code must demonstrate the use of conditional and looping structures.
  • There should be proper documentation in the source code.

Because NetBeans produces multiple files for one project, the best method to submit an assignment is to zip the files. There should be one project folder created by NetBeans using your project name. Zip the folder. Submit your NetBeans project zip file.

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This assignment includes a Netbeans project.

  • Attachments
    • (224.35 KB)
      • Netbeans Project
        • CommissionPart2
          • build
            • classes
              • .netbeans_automatic_build
              • .netbeans_update_resources
              • Main.class
              • SalesPerson.class
          • build.xml
          • nbproject
            • build-impl.xml
            • private
            • project.xml
          • src
          • test
      • PRG-420-Week-3-Individual-Assignment.jpg

    Preview random excerpt

    xxxxxx xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx;

    xxxxxx xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxx;

    xxxxxx xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxx;

    public class








    ) { //


    to format currency


    numberFormat =




    ); //


    for accepting input Scanner input =





    .in); //


    to prompt the user and accept sales





    ("Enter sales: ");

    xxxxxx xxxxx = xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx();

    // xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx $100000 xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx 25%

    - - - more text follows - - -

    Preview random excerpt

    xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx(xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) {

    xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;

    xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;


    public double


    () {



    ; }




    (double fixedCompensation) { this.fixedCompensation =


    ; } public



    () { return




    xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) {

    - - - more text follows - - -

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