Golf Course Assistant Superintendent Cover Letter

Résumé tips for golf course superintendents

By Joelle Harms|  January 14, 2016

The résumé is arguably the most important tool when applying for jobs. Potential employers “meet” you via your résumé, and they may inadvertently form their first impression of who you are based on this one sheet of paper.

It’s most important to set yourself apart form other applicants. You both will most likely have similar backgrounds, so use the tips below to make yourself stand out.

Name and contact information (phone number and address)
Make sure your contact information is large enough to notice at the top of your résumé. Enlarging the size of your name may help your name be remembered.
Résumé objective
This should be different for each job you apply to. It’s obvious your objective is to get a job at ABC golf course, so tell the employer what about you will help you succeed in this specific position, at this specific course. “To obtain a head superintendent position at a golf course” is not a good objective. A better example might be: “To use my three years of experience decreasing maintenance expenses by 12 percent as an assistant superintendent to succeed as a head superintendent at ABC golf course.”
Work history
Your maintenance jobs, yes. Your dishwashing job in high school, no. List applicable jobs you have held, or ones you have held for longer periods of time after your education. Don’t leave out periods of time by skipping a few years, just take a look at your past jobs and see if any of your duties will directly apply to the job you seeking.
College or high school, if it applies. Any other certifications or continuing education can be listed here (or in its own section if there is more than one being listed.) If you have a college degree, there’s usually no need to list your high school.
List at least three references on a separate page. It is OK to note “references available upon request.”
  • Writing style and appearance play a large role in an employer picking your résumé out of a pool of applicants. For jobs you currently hold, use active words like “analyze” and “train” as opposed to “analyzed” and “trained” for jobs you have previously held.
  • Tailor the description of your job for each job you apply for. Chances are, the employer is looking for someone with specific experience and quality. Look at the details in the job description, and think of ways your past employment applies to those details. List out the important ones.
  • Format your résumé as you would any other professional written document. Keep the paper size as 8 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall. Keep the margins at 1 inch on all sides, and the font size should be no smaller than 11 point.
  • A basic serif or sans font is recommended for legibility and professional appearance. The most common standard fonts for résumés are Times New Roman, Garamond, Helvetica and Arial.
  • Color is acceptable if the job will require some creative work. It’s best to avoid color to play it safe.
  • One page is usually enough for a résumé, although if you’ve been in the industry for 15 or more years and have held jobs at many golf courses, it’s OK to go over one page in length. But, keep in mind that if you are summarizing your job duties that apply well enough, you should have no problem keeping it to one page.
  • Cover letters should be included along with your résumé. It’s a good idea to present who you are and why you want the job in your own writing.
  • If you’ve left off a couple jobs due to space or inapplicability, make sure to keep a list of all of your previous jobs for the interview.
  • Make sure there are no mistakes. I mean none. Take each sentence or phrase, copy it into a text editor and run a spell check on it. It pays to double (or triple!) check. Send it out to a few friends or colleagues that are willing to look it over to see if you missed any mistakes. Many of you are industry friends. Use your network to ask for help.

If you have any problems creating your resume, or you just want to perfect it, find professional help. There are some online tools that will help you, such as Monster and, but a simple web search will help you find professionals in your area.

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Assistant Superintendent Resume Samples

Assistant Superintendents report to the Superintendent or to the Deputy Superintendent, as well as a governing education board, and they work to formulate policies for the school system in such areas as finance, curriculum, and human resources. Tasks highlighted on Assistant Superintendents' resumes include assisting the superintendent in daily tasks including but not limited to supervision of staff, and assisting with employee scheduling. Resumes of Assistant Superintendents should reflect the qualifications necessary to become a teacher, according to the State Department of Education, such as a master's degree and a valid administrator's certificate.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Assistant Superintendent Jobs page.


Assistant Superintendent

Managed a 120 acre property consisting of a golf course, club house grounds, and 2 acres of planting beds

  • Effectively communicated with golf professionals regarding course conditions and tournament setup
  • Enhanced planning, prioritizing, and time management skills
  • Successfully trained, supervised, and communicated with a multicultural maintenance staff of fifteen
  • Scouted for turf abnormalities, fungal diseases, pest damage, turf fertility, and moisture levels daily
  • Developed area specific hot spot and chemical/fertilizer site code irrigation programs using Lynx software
  • Executed and managed fertilizer, chemical, and fertigation applications
  • Fine tuned a new HDPE pipe Toro irrigation system for optimal playing conditions

Assistant Superintendent

Provided impeccable conditioning of a "Top 100" club designed by Tom Fazio.

  • Directed 36 Hispanic employees for optimal production and decreased turnover.
  • Overcame adversity with summer transitions in a timely manner.
  • Supervised and completed a $2 million greens renovation project on time.
  • Participation and planning in $2.5 million annual budget.

Assistant Superintendent

Maintained greens, fairways, tees and roughs at championship levels through the use of sound cultural, fertility, chemical and irrigation practices resulting in a full membership and a growing waiting list.

  • Prevented Poa Annua from encroaching on Bentgrass greens and greatly reduced levels on tees and fairways by following a plan that included chemical control, physical removal, judicious watering and proper timing of aerification increasing consistency of all fine turf.
  • Created a comprehensive season long chemical spray program for all turf areas while staying within budget, resulting in consistently high standards and exceptional turf quality.
  • Audited the irrigation system thoroughly and performed all changes and repairs needed resulting in better plant vigor, more judicious watering, increased water preservation and overall better playability.
  • Trained and supervised 18 staff members of diverse backgrounds resulting in minimal turnover and increased efficiency.
  • Established a daily maintenance program for our relatively small driving range tee which allowed members to enjoy hitting on grass for the duration of the season.
  • Trained employees to perform a thorough yet swift daily cleanup and preparation of the parking lots, Clubhouse surroundings and tennis areas which surpassed expectations.
  • Performed snow removal and related winter duties on all grounds allowing for uninterrupted daily operations and a safe environment for all staff and visitors.
  • Appointed to the Club's Safety Committee and implemented the Grounds Department Safety Audit resulting in a 5% insurance premium discount each year.
  • Authored Monthly Greens Department article in Club Newsletter. Discussed agronomic technical topics of relevance to members capturing the interest on many.

Assistant Superintendent

An Assistant Superintendent for Turner, which successfully manages the construction of $8 billion of Commercial
Construction annually. Currently provide direct and indirect supervision for a workforce of 550 employees on the $400
million Nationwide Children's Hospital project.

  • Management of the project lifecycle, including all logistics of procured items from the supply chain to the construction site.
  • Developed, maintained and delivered the project schedule to ensure a completion date 3 weeks before deadline.
  • Coordinates changes per owner and design team to promote a "Best In Class" finish.

Assistant Superintendent

Managed crew of 16 employees as they perform daily course maintenance and additional projects

  • Communicated directly with Golf Course Superintendent regarding the health and playability of the course
  • Operated and maintained Toro irrigation system on a daily basis
  • Performed course set-up for daily and tournament play
  • Monitored insect populations, diseases, and weeds
  • Sprayed and applied fertilizer and pesticides as dictated by Golf Course Superintendent
  • Snow removal and selective tree removal during winter months

Assistant Superintendent

Supervised, scheduled, trained, directed safety meetings, forecasted, and directed daily operations of a fifteen man maintenance crew, ability to lead and control golf course personnel in absence of superintendent.

  • Assisted with planning, supervising and maintenance of greens, tees, fairways and rough.
  • Estimating and purchasing for clubhouse beds and landscape areas.
  • Led a select crew in bunker renovation, completely removing old sand, added new drainage, restored faces to original surface and added correct amount of sand back into the bunker.
  • Use of Site Pro irrigation control, worked on ongoing problems of a Toro irrigation system, replaced face plates, traced, spliced, ran new wires and replaced irrigation heads.
  • Closely observed water output to reduce unnecessary usage, eliminated heads, adjusted percentages, and compared actual water usage to total output from irrigation computer.
  • Management of offsite wells for appropriate course reservoir level, maintained accurate water usage records.
  • Applied and calibrated fertilizer and pesticide applications for greens, tees, fairways, rough and maintained accurate records for all fertilizer and pesticide use.

Assistant Superintendent

Managed 5-12 construction professionals in commercial and multi-family renovations and new construction.

  • Interpreted and explained project requirements; monitored project progress and work quality in relation to requirements and deadlines.
  • Performed daily walk-throughs to assess safety and cleanliness; thus ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations and insurance requirements.
  • Critiqued work of others, and when necessary, took corrective action.
  • Motivated workers to achieve greater productivity.
  • Generated accurate field notes and project status reports.
  • Read blueprints and other specifications documents to determine construction requirements and plan procedures.
  • Provided training to others.

Assistant Superintendent

Distributed/ensured completion of all Architectural/Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/Tech punch lists

  • Actively oversaw progress and quality of all trades working on High School as Lead Superintendent
  • Supervised Kitchen Area from start to finish and passed Building, Life Safety and Health Inspections
  • Managed items pertaining to Building Envelope, including brick, metal panels, storefront systems and doors
  • Secured Erosion and Sediment control on the jobsite

Assistant Superintendent

Contributor in all aspects of golf course construction: collaborated with contractors and supported the design and vision of course development.

  • Acquired significant experience managing zoysiagrass fairways and bermudagrass greens in the transition zone
  • Ensured quality construction and managed the grow-in of newly sodded fairways and newly seeded rough
  • Contributed to the design and layout of the irrigation system and installation of pump station
  • Developed a strong understanding and implementation of erosion control practices (i.e., mapped and staked Riparian buffers on North Saluda river) meeting county and environmental agency standards.

Assistant Superintendent

Worked on a $1.5M Catheterization lab addition

  • Monitored daily progress of subcontractors to meet schedule requirements
  • Coordinated work between multiple subcontractors and shop drawings
  • Inspected work-in-place to be in accordance with contract documents and verified
  • Monitored daily safety and health practices


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