School Uniforms Should Be Abolished Essay

Most schools across the world have a set uniform that children must wear. The uniform shows that you belong to the school and is an identity to a specific place/school. In some schools uniform has already been abolished whilst in others it still remains compulsory such as a secondary school in Totnes in Devon. The question is should school uniform be abolished in schools? Some may argue that by having a uniform you remove the pressure to keep up with the latest fashions and that it shows a pride in the school. Others argue that by abolishing uniform it allows a freedom of expression. In many schools, students are actually teased about ‘how they wear’ their school uniforms and unless you wear your school uniform in a ‘stylish’ way you’ll get teased and mocked. Clearly this is a strong reason to abolish school uniform, similarly if you were to abolish school uniform it could make students feel out of place as they could be judged for what they wear. Some people may not be the “richest” or the most “stylish” and so you wouldn’t want to be judged for what you wear or what type of style you enjoy wearing. Children these days are very fussy about what they wear and because there are more styles of clothes these days, than ever before it makes it alot harder to pick what to wear.

Whilst school uniforms allow students to be indentified more easily if they were to become lost during a school trip or be involved in a crime, uniform also stops you from feeling comfortable and relaxed whilst at school; relaxation (cosiness) is crucial at school as it secures a sense of warmth and helps the students to feel calm and settled to ensure concentration is with the work and not feeling uncomfortable. Evidently school uniform should be abolished. Banning school uniform allows a freedom of expression. Showing your personality is a confidence booster and makes you feel good for who you are. It also lets you be an individual where as wearing the same dull school uniform makes the students look like sheep and doesn’t allow them to express themselves in any shape or form. As part of the school curriculum we learn core subjects like Maths and Science which everyone has to do but the whole point of schools teaching us Art, D&T is because teachers want us to grow not only in knowledge but in creativity. Wearing school uniform contradicts our creativity there for we should be allowed to be creative in the clothes we wear.

Furthermore, uniform is a massive distraction for the teachers. A great deal of effort has to be put into enforcing the uniform regulations where as more effort should be put into behaviour and learning. Both non school uniform and school uniform cost a fortune especially as children are still growing. However purchasing school uniform costs a lot because of most parents have to buy sportswear, summer uniform and winter uniform for their children. This causes more pressure on already poor families also parents would feel under pressure to get their children the clothes they want as the children would probably want expensive designer labels. Although non school uniform and school uniform cost alot I suppose by having a uniform that has to be worn five days a week it is worth the money that is spent on it compare to having home clothes that are probably worn several times before deciding that it is out of fashion or old. Many people say school uniform looks smart and organized and having no school uniform will look untidy and messy. Does this not mean that teachers should also have a set uniform especially as they are supposed to set an example for the students? Personally I think it is ridiculous and unfair to have two different sets of rules in the same environment.

School is a place for educating and preparing a child for there life after they leave school. Teachers should teach children about individuality and should encourage children to learn about the different nationalities and individual identities because not enough of this is done, therefore they are scared to express themselves and have little imagination. Also Children are taught from such a young age that everyone is different where as they should be taught that they are equal and have the same rights. Therefore why can’t girls wear trousers and boys wear skirts? Personally I would class this as being sexist. Never the less uniform brings children discipline and order. If school uniform was abolished, Children would feel they could wear whatever they want and think that they could get away with a lot more, because their teachers/school staff wouldn’t be as strict. But by having them wear uniforms and enforcing it you are showing them that that’s not the case. Next, wearing uniforms can also hurt some people’s self-image. Almost all uniforms aren’t made with all body types in mind.

But, they are chosen for all students to wear, even though each student looks and is built differently. Everyone knows what kind of things look good on their body, and obviously, they would own those things and wear them so that they don’t look bad. If you were something for example that you feel confident wearing, you are going to have a good self-image, if not your self- image will be bad. From my own experiences I find that school uniform is uncomfortable and expensive. What I find most annoying about uniform is the fact that teachers spend more time correcting your uniform the time spent on correcting your work; students here way too much ‘take your makeup off now!’ and not enough ‘well-done, that’s correct’. Despite all of these bad things about uniform I would also hate to wear non-school uniform because I would constantly feel under pressure to have the latest fashions and impress people. Overall I think uniform shouldn’t be abolished, despite all the difficulties and discomfort it brings.

If you were to abolish school uniform, children would feel pressurised to look good, they would find it difficult to put clothes together and would be scared of being judged or bullied. As well as this an excessive amount of students would be distracted by the stress of non school uniform and lose site on their education. However I do feel that some form of choice should be made to school uniform so that the student gets to express their personalities and individuality but still look smart, relaxed and ready to learn. This would teach the students that ‘although in the schools eye we are all equal, we are also all different individuals.’

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Imagine having to wear school uniforms everyday. The same dress code every week., the same color pants and shirts every week. Uniforms especially those that have color and style requirements for every part of the outfit are not easy for many parents to afford. Students should be able to have a choice to wear whatever they want.Students should not have to wear uniforms;they should be able to express their style, school uniforms should be banned, children's freedom of expression is restricted by school uniforms.


Students should be able to express their style. “Parents, kids and even ALCU have noted that growing children need to learn to express themselves.” We cannot be able to express ourselves by wearing basic uniform.(Rauscher)“Some may assume that school uniforms lessen a family clothing expense.’’ (Rauscher)Most uniforms is expensive especially the kind I like to wear, the cheap ones are itchy. “Wearing uniform takes away your freedom of expression.”  (“Do School Uniforms Violate a Student’s Right to Freedom of Expression?”) Uniforms are too plain and ordinary.

School uniforms should be banned. “Almost 20% of public schools in America now require students to wear uniforms to school.” (Rauscher) Most schools don’t require students to wear uniform but now the district has changed the policy. “I see the world became so uniform. Everybody has to be the same, I like people who are different.” (“Eric Cantona Quotes at”) I can’t express my style by wearing uniform because it’s too basic.”School uniforms demand strict obedience in an environment with mandatory conformity.” (Rauscher) My school policy is strict as well we can't even wear scarfs.

Students freedom of expression is restricted by school uniforms. ‘’ Students who have to wear the same clothing as every other student in their school are not able to express their individuality and creativity.” (“Does Imposing School Uniforms Prevent Students from Creatively Expressing Themselves?”) .We should get rid of school uniforms so that all children can express themselves freely. “Most students who are required to wear uniforms consistently express strong distaste for them” (KatherineF) . I am one of those students that express strong distaste for them because I like to express my style. “Allowing students to wear what makes them feel comfortable will prevent them from feeling embarrassed and enable them to place confidence in their unique personal identity (KatherineF).” A lot of students get bullied because of what they wear.

Some students may disagree with me because they think we should have to wear uniform. Other students might believe that students should have to wear uniform. I believe we shouldn’t because we should be able to express the way we are. “We should wear uniforms because it’s easy for us to pick out clothes.” in students voice. I think we have more choices with our regular clothes. “We should wear uniforms because they go with everything.” Well if we don’t have to wear uniforms you can still wear uniforms if u want to. As you can see, is that I believe uniforms should be banned.

In conclusion, most people believe that we should wear uniform. Students should be able to freely express themselves. As a student it is hard to express yourself with all the enforced rules.I think uniforms should be banned from the entire usa. Students should not be recommended or required to wear uniforms, we have freedom, we shouldn’t have school rules. If we let uniforms continue, students will not be happy and be able to enjoy their free time as much as they want to. Taking that away and replacing it with a mandatory uniform will disable them from being able to choose for themselves in the future.



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