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Eating is a matter of habit and upbringing. What one eats and how one eats depend on various circumstances. One may overeat when there is variety and abundance to go through as in a buffet dinner where people tend to overeat.

The evils of overeating are many. The organs arc overtaxed. The stomach and the other digestive organs have to function beyond their capacity to help in digestion. As the digestive system is overtaxed, the needed energy does not reach the brains and so the person who always overeats is like a python. The efficiency will be low and slow and a person is not able to sustain long hours of concentration. Obesity may be the result which again tells on the efficiency of the limbs and their movements. An obese person is again uncouth and ugly and becomes a laughing stock in public. Obesity leads to diseases like heart failure. Then take a look at the cost of overeating. Because one overeats his bill of fare will be high. Again by overeating one deprives another of his legitimate food. This is an important factor to be remembered by certain people who because of affluence do overeat. The excess food may conveniently be shared with those unfortunate ones who are not having enough food. Humanitarian societies help in the distribution of food to the needy.

Overeating is only a matter of habit. The parents have got a duty in teaching children to form good eating habits. They should not be given beyond their need. We have got a lesson to learn from animals which do not overeat and hence they keep up their energy and efficiency. We should not become a slave to our taste because our systems do not require so much of food.

If overeating is an evil, starving is equally bad because the organs don't get the necessary food for their efficiency. So we find people who are starved or semi starved not as efficient as the well-fed people. This is economically bad for a nation, because starved people will get fatigued very soon and the quantum of work which they turn out will be less and so detrimental to the economy of the country.

Starved people suffer from anaemia, malnutrition and diseases connected with malnutrition. Semi-starved people continue to be a feature even today in certain countries where women and children suffer from malnutrition. They cannot resist diseases as the body's natural resistance becomes poor. So it is a drain on the nation's exchequer which has to meet a heavy bill in the form of hospitals. Death due to starvation has not been unknown. During famine millions of people have been wiped out but now with the advance of science and a better transport system, death by starvation is reduced.

Starvation tells on the growth of children. Where children are starved, infantile mortality is very high. Starvation during pregnancy and post natal period affects both the mother and the child.

While a person should avoid overeating, there must not be any ghost of a chance for starvation either. Providing enough food for people is every government's concern and all its economic machinery must be geared to that end. Dietary education is a must if people must be saved from overeating.

Research has shown that over eating can be as harmful as smoking. Therefore, some people reckon the advertising some kinds of food products should be banned. Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, the effects of advertising on inspiring people to purchase items which are either needless or harmful are not deniable. Although the influence of smoking on human's health can be controversial in compare to eating junk food or fast food. I don't agree with the impact of ads on promoting bad diet among people which I will discuss in the following text.

First of all, it's not logical to compare smoking to over eating. Obesity can be retrieved by some methods and surgeries. Regarding to improve technology the ways to assist people to loose weight become more convenient, On the other hand smoking is the reason of so many disease like lung cancer, heart attack, blood pressure which are deadly. In addition to no heal way can consider recovering them.

Second of all, whatever the human eat, can be useful for the body, just the crucial matter is the amount of eating which is concern to people. According to scientific research some junk food which was recognized as non-neutrinos food can be useful for body and bones. Finally, ads is one of the most rapidly growing areas which most of the companies take advantages of that to present their items and products which is not fair to omit.

In conclusion, the governments have a responsibility to avoid misleading ads on TV and billboards. Moreover it is good to concentrate on increasing public health by allocating budget for schools to teach the students to choose appropriate diet.

Nice work, very informative. The only thing I'll say is that you may want to open up with something more interesting, like an uncommonly known fact or something.

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In addition to no heal, the way can consider recovering them.
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To be honest your essay is good but short. Your introductory paragraph didn't motivate me to read further. We have five methods to develop an introductory that are: 1) an interesting story 2) a well-known statement or quotation 3) posing challengeable question 4) funnel method 5)starting with opposed idea. On the other hand; your body paragraphs aren't coherence, I mean the information you bring should be more matched with each other. One more point is we don't have secondly of all, you can use secondly instead. Good Luck Dude

Nice essay. But in my opinion, the habit and addiction of smoking is undeniable. When a person is trying to quit smoking and at the same time, trying to refrain from overeating - the nervousness, the jitters, the crabbiness, will drive a person to either eat or smoke.

Tnx alot for your comments, do you have any sugesstion for beggining sentence?i mean sth interesting.actually for ielts exam 250 words is i right?moreover i supposed it should not be more than 250 words.

as far I concern over eating and eating junk food are two separate issues.I think you can pose a question for introduction paragaraph like:

Do yo like junk food ? do you concern with todays junk food advertisment? should they be bannd? Researchs show that over eating can be harmful as smoking.

Yes dude for IELTS 250 words is enough.
Good Luck.
H. Meihami


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