Keeping Animals In Captivity Is Cruel Essaytyper

Most people who have seen a lot of animals in a cage have felt that animals are so important to keep them. You know that animals almost endangered in the world. So, the goverment built the zoo in order to keep animals. Zoo is not real habit for animals. People have agree and disagree opinion about zoo and the condition of animals which live in captivity.

Supporters of zoos would argue that there are benefits to keeping animals in captivity. One of most important of these is zoo can make easy life for animals. They will get foods, vitamin, and clean water. Then, people who do not know about the name of strange animal, they go to the zoo. It is same as education. The scientist also doing for research about animal such as their habit and their generation. They often make conservation about breeding programmes for endangered species to produce new generations of animals.

On the other hand, those who oppose zoo would argue that it makes mistake for animals. Zoo makes fauna to do badly because animals feel underpresure for example camel lives in desert, but people take it to live in cage for entertain. Beside that, breeding not always successful because animal does not lives in real habit.
I feel that zoo is very cruel for animal. They are more happy if they can live in real habit. So, that is better if fauna which endangered should live in cage, but animal which is not endangered should live in real habit.

To summary, several people agree about animals in cage, but some people disagree about it. they have different reason to explain the comment.

Most people see the wild animal as a magnificent and the beast which can be danger and threaten him, to this animal they consider to captive for safety reason. In other opinion, people who has concerned about animal right rejected this way, they assume that better if animal live in their natural environment and growing as same as their growth. However this 2 different view, it is important to see both of them.

Supporter of zoos think that many benefit taking animal in the zoo. Beside you can observe from the first hand and the daily, becoming education media, and also can be placed as breeding program for endangered species. Children who want to know directly about wild living, can be attend and meet the gorillas in the zoo. After that to fill their curious they can learn more from the book which is describing about gorillas, this way is the best way than you took your children in the jungle to see gorilla, and also give direct experience than you teach them to watch video about gorilla. Furthermore, for endangered animal which can survive in their natural environment, zoo can help them to breeding, actually with tested way and engaging scientist with valid research.

For the oppose they refuse captivity, because there is cruel for natural animal life. Moreover keeping animal in the zoo can be way to increasing animal stress, it can be understand because natural environment is the best field for animal to grow. Other group who cannot follow these assume is the group which have entertainment purpose, visiting and take some picture in the zoo is quiet enough, and they do not care anything.

In my view, it is important to the zoos taking important role in the 21st century. They should be considered many view from each group, who supported and opposed. Not only provide the education and entertainment side, but also the animal welfare should be aware.


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