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The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. On this day Lord Shiva declared his son Ganesha as superior to all other gods and so this festival came to be. Ganesh Chaturthi falls between 19th August and 15th September and lasts for 10 days.

Mythology tells us that Ganesh was created by the Goddess Parvati when she sculpted him out of sandalwood paste and brought the figure to life. She then sent him to guard her door while she bathed. When Lord Shiva returned he was denied access into the chamber by this boy whom he did not recognise. So he severed Ganesh’s head in a fit of anger.

Upon finding out that Ganesh was his son, Shiva was overcome with remorse. He resurrected his son by attaching an elephant’s head onto Ganesh’s body and that’s how Ganesh came to be the elephant headed God.

The festival starts with colourfully decorated statues of Ganesha being installed in homes. The pandals are adorned with garlands and lights and the idol is worhsipped in homes for 10 days. On the 11th day it is carried through the streets and immersed in a river or sea. This represents a ritualistic send-off for Lord Ganesh as he travels to his home in Kailash, taking with him the sorrows of his devotees. The main dish eaten during this festival is the modak. Other dishes such as kudumu, vrundallu, panakam and vadapappu are offered to Ganesha along with modaks.


Go green: Traditionally, the statues of Ganesh were made out of clay. In order to produce cheaper statues, they are often made of plaster of Paris (POP). This material pollutes water bodies when the POP dissolves.

If your family follows this tradition of immersing a statue of Ganesh in a large water body, encourage them to get one that’s made from clay instead of POP.

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Write 4 lines about Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Ganesh Chathurthi is a Hindu traditional festival celebrated every year.
  • Indians all over the world celebrate Lord Ganesha’s birthday as Ganesh Chathurthi.
  • The festival is more famous in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  • The idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped for ten days.
  • On 11thday, people carry the idol and immerse it in river.

Write short essay on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chathurthi is a prominent Hindu Festival celebrated in the admiration of Lord Ganesha. The Hindu month “Bhadra”, which is considered as the birth month of Lord Ganesha, is when the celebration takes place. Hindus all over the world make or buy clay like Ganesha model. They worship this idol at home or in public shrine.

For ten days, idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped with offerings like Jaggery, Coconut, Modakas, Durva and red flowers. On 11th day, people carry the idols to immerse in the river. While going, they chant and shout “Ganapathy Baapaa Mourya, Purchya Varshi Laukriya” soliciting him to come soon next year. The significance of the festival is free medical checkups, blood donation camps, charity and other community activities also take place during the festival.

Essay on Ganesh Chaturthi (also can be used in speech)

India is a land of festivals throughout the year. One of the legendary and traditional festivals among them is Ganesh Chathurthi. Ganesh Chathurthi, also known as Vinayak Chathurthi (Vinayak Chavithi) is a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha. The festival is celebrated with great joy in the state of Maharashtra. Hindus in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the world also celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi with enjoyment.

The festival is celebrated in the Hindu month “Bhadra”; the celebration being for ten days. People buy idol of “Lord Ganesha” and pray with offerings for these ten days. The idols are generally clay models which could size from inches to 25 feet. The offerings mainly include Jaggery, Coconut, Modakas (a sweet made with Rice Flour), and blades of grass and red flowers. The idols are also placed outside home in public shrine. People pay offerings there too.

On 11th day, people gather all idols and immerse Lord Ganesha idols in river. There are many beliefs behind this. People believe immersing the idol symbolizes the journey of Lord Ganesha to the heavenly abode. People shout the mantras during the 11th day asking Lord Ganesha to shower his blessings and come soon next year.

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