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Intellectual Property Dissertation Topics

The law as it relates to intellectual property covers the creation, use and protection of trademark, patents and copyright, together with other ancillary rights. Trademark-related dissertation topics include the absolute grounds for refusal of registration under section 3 of the Trade Marks Act 1994, the EU’s Trade Marks Directive, relative grounds for refusal of registering a trade mark under section 5 of the Trade Marks Act 1994, the infringement of trademarks, such as the use of similar or identical marks, invalidity, revocation, licensing and assignments of trademarks. Copyright-related dissertation topics are recognised as including the authorship, ownership and duration of copyright, copyright in film and sound recordings, literary, dramatic musical or artistic works, computers and copyright infringement, the need for originality, copyright and databases, works of architecture, adaptations, parallel imports, EC competition and copyright law, and primary and secondary infringement of copyrighted works. As you can see from the points set out above, there are clearly many topics that you could potentially choose from regarding the law as it relates to intellectual property that you could potentially cover in your dissertation, including the following potential subject areas set out below:

• The economical impact of intellectual property rights.
• How is intellectual property protected on the Internet
• Passing off and trademark law – Do they provide adequate protection in the UK?
• Is the UK creating a right of confidence?
• Innovation and the patent system. Can the current, overly stringent patent system still be an incentive for innovation?
• Does UK copyright law provide an adequate balance between the needs of rights holders and users?
• Does the Fair Use principle provide an effective exemption to UK copyright law?
• How has European law affected intellectual property rights in the UK?
• P2P File Sharing – How far does the law protect the holders of the intellectual property rights?
• Does the UK intellectual property regime provide adequate protection? Compare and contrast with the position in the United States.
• To what extent are indigenous people’s rights to intellectual property effectively protected?
• What more could be done to improve the law to provide those people from less developed countries with greater protection of their intellectual property right?
• How will Brexit serve to impact upon the protection of intellectual property rights in the UK?

Business law boundaries have steadily but consistently expanded over the past many decades to incorporate the changing landscapes of global business practices.

Business Law dissertation topics range in scope and diversity, depending on program of study and desired outcomes. In a broad context, business law research topics deal with new business creation and development strategies, whether in the private or public domain. Consequently, they draw perspectives from different socio-legal parameters within business studies and this is also the reference for business law thesis topics.

Business law also referred as commercial law or corporate law.

A list of business law dissertation topics:

The following is a list of business law topics to guide the student in choosing a good research topic:

Legal standing of creditors and their protection under UK business laws- a review.

Analysis of early investment opportunities in emerging economies- implementation of relevant business laws.

Socio-legal and ethical considerations of business reporting in the UK.

Legal justification for business takeovers in the UK- hostile environments and financial calculations.

A review of anti-takeover laws in the UK- antecedents, perspectives and legal justifications.

Hotel business laws- a systematic review of non-smoking laws on business operations in the UK.

Islamic business laws- a global perspective.

Implications of data privacy laws on business operations- legal counsel from the UK.

A comparative review of foreign entity registration in the UK and Europe- legal guidelines and implications for foreign businesses.

Business insolvency laws in the UK- implications for transnational businesses.

Consumer attitudes and perceptions of their rights in online transactions- analysis through UK's e-commerce laws.

A discussion on convergence between business ethics and business laws in the UK- the case of the electronics sector.

Laws governing securities' sale and purchase in the UK- a systematic review.

Implications of Privacy Act for businesses with substantial stakeholder data- a discussion.

The impact of E-commerce practices on physical workforce- legal implications from the UK.

A review of the impact of legal changes in craft beer industry on the consumption and sale of craft beer in the UK.

Digital privacy through an international legal perspective.

Collateral law in the UK- antecedents and practice.

Consumer protection in online business transactions- perspectives from UK legal counsel.

Food ingredients and labeling laws in the UK- a review.

Laws governing medication dispensing in the UK and inherent challenges involving over the counter substance abuse- review of literature.

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