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Mrs. Melissa Sheppard, Principal             

Secretary: Donna Romond, Phone:856-939-4500 x2014



2/22/18 Mrs. Sheppard's School news broadcast to the students and faculty.


Dear Students and Parents,

     On behalf of the entire faculty, administration, and staff of Triton Regional High School, I would like to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year. We look forward to helping all of our students develop the goals and work ethic necessary to reach their full potential.

     The 2017-18 year will undoubtedly bring about new challenges for us and our students.  In addition to teaching the curriculum, we will continue our goal to educate the whole child

  • We will lead students to make good academic and social decisions that will positively impact their future.
  • We will create a culture…
    • Where they are engaged, challenged, and expected to be involved in their learning.
    • Where they feel safe both physically and emotionally.
    • Where they feel supported by our faculty and staff and turnkey that support to their friends and peers.
    • Where they take pride in the school, themselves and their environment.
    • Where they learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, physically and emotionally.

When we educate the whole child we guarantee them the best opportunity for success after they graduate.  I want to thank you in advance for supporting us as we guide your children to grow into mature, responsible young adults. 

     Now that all of our students have Chromebooks, our District Supervisor, Mrs. Baratta, has condensed the spring 2018 PARCC assessments to a three-day period.  Yes, that’s right! The entire school will be tested in three days and they will be half-days for the students. May 15th, 16th, and 17th will be our testing days.  As for our students’ performance on the PARCC, we are improving but there is still good work that needs to be done.

  •  Algebra I: State 43% met or exceeded – Triton 18% met or exceeded
  • Algebra II: State 27% met or exceeded – Triton 16% met or exceeded
  • Geometry: State 30% met or exceeded – Triton 21% met or exceeded
  • English 9: State 51% met or exceeded – Triton 35% met or exceeded
  • English 10: State 45% met or exceeded – Triton 33% met or exceeded
  • English 11: State 37% met or exceeded – Triton 14% met or exceeded

We will continue to work with our students to help them understand the importance of this assessment and improve their areas of skill deficit.  Our Math and Language Arts District Supervisors, Mrs. Sireci and Mrs. Geyer will continue to work with our sending schools to improve curriculum alignment and ensure that the students come to high school with the appropriate skill set.

     We look forward to a terrific school year.  Remember that the effectiveness of the high school experience is the result of a team effort between students, teachers, parents/guardians, and their involvement in school.  Take pride in being a MUSTANG!!!!!


Mrs. Sheppard









 Welcome to the National Honor Society page for Highland Regional High School


 Advisor: Ms. Sarah Smith, School Counselor

Contact information: (856) 227-4100 ext. 4030








Officers for the 2017-2018 School Year:


President: Brielle Small

Vice-President: Mike Minchack

Secretary: Eddie McGlinn 

Treasurer: Derek Puyat

Historian: Maura McCusker 




 Members Only!




Click here for the community service hours sheet



I created a new Google Classroom for 2017-2018.  The code to join the classroom is: zluw5xp

Sign up for the Remind: Just text @nhshrhs17 to the number 81010 





Welcome to our newly inducted members who were inducted on December 12, 2017!


Senior Inductees:


Vanessa Bowen

Alexis Stango

Angelina Fossell

Natalie Wrigley

Alanna Massaro

Connor Yackle

Christian McCarville

Lauren Zappley

Junior Inductees:

Mohammed Alam

Hope Hartsig

Jennifer Millisky

Brandon Williams

Sydney Arrigale

Nia Holden

Taylor Murphy

Abigail Zapata

Matthew Barachko

Mohammad A. Hossain

Kashem Nahim

Cassandra Zapata

John Bennett IV

Xeniamarie Iacovone

Juan Palacios


Maxwell Berry

Sara Johnson

Jillian Pastorino


Jason Burns

Fahima Kashem

Ria Patel


Hannah Bush

Nahida Khalil

Maya Puyat


Jenna Carter

Kiannah Laoto

Nicholas Razzo


Julia Cina

Maya Lebron

Joseph Reardon


Brian Cooey

Arianna Lorenzana

Cristina Rodriguez


Christopher Corroda

Nicole Macapagal

Vivian Rodriguez


Christopher Corsaro

Jonathan Masino

Sarah Sandlin


Omotara Dairo

Samantha Masino

Cameron Santos


Rachel Davies

Alanna Massaro

Katherine Shewell


Shane Dean

Y’nya Maybank

Allison Swack


Dakota Draham

Declan McDonough

Faria Tasnim


Allysia Edwards

Alyssa McKendry

Christiana Thompson


Angelina Fossell

Ashley McLoughlin

Gianna Traenker


Kyle Fuchs

Beth Means

Lily Vanderslice


Isaiah Garcia

Alexander Mercado

Alexis Vargas


Alyssa Granstrom

Sean Miller

Alanna Weeks






The National Honor Society is an organization sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  This prestigious organization seeks to recognize students who have exemplified the qualities required for admission.  Those qualities are as follows:


Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service




In order to qualify for admissions to Highland's Chapter of the National Honor Society, students MUST meet the following criteria:


  1. The student must be a member of the Junior or Senior Class.

  2. The student must be enrolled at HRHS for at least one full semester prior to admission.

  3. The student must have AND maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.500 or higher.

  4. The student must have exhibited service through participation in various activities (students must be actively involved in TWO activities prior to their junior year to qualify and THREE activities prior to their senior year to qualify. These activities may be community based.  Service in the community is also required.  Activities include but are but not limited to sports, school clubs, church service groups, community activities.          

  5. Faculty will make recommendations attesting to outstanding leadership qualities and unquestionable character.



Students who finished the year with a cumulative 3.500 or better will receive a letter of eligibility and application to apply during the first semester of their Junior or Senior years.  Students who meet the criteria and wish to apply will be asked to write an essay.  The faculty council will evaluate applicants and students will be notified via letter of their acceptance/rejection in accordance with Highland's NHS Constitution.





 Looking for a community service/volunteer opportunity?



 Bianca's Kids

The Unforgotten Haven 

 Volunteer Center of South Jersey 

Volunteer Center of Camden County 

Camden County Animal Shelter 

Camden County Library System 




Click here to check out the National National Honor Society website. 




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