De2 Board Pin Assignment

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    pin assignment for DE2 board

    I need to assign pins for DE2 board. However, when I go to "assignments" in the toolbar, I couldn't find the "pin" selection. I couldn't bring out the pin assignment graph via assignment editor in the dropdown box of "assignments" either. I am using the newest web version of Quartus II. Could somebody please tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

  2. Re: pin assignment for DE2 board

    You're apparently asking for the Quartus Pin Planner, under Assignments.

  3. Re: pin assignment for DE2 board

    For DE2 projects, the most convenient way is to copy all pin assignments (and top entity port definition) from an existing demonstration project.

    Pin re assignment can be basically made in the pin planner, but occasionally conflicting previous assignments might block it. In this case, I find it helpful to use the assignment editor that doesn't care for temporary conflicts.

    New pin assignments for a complete project can be best made by tcl scripts or writing to the *.qsf file.

  4. Re: pin assignment for DE2 board

    If you look at this tutorial here:

    You will find that it has a DE2 pin assignments script written in Tcl.

    This thread here has a file that has the same script, but a much simpler design


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